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The Durability of Outdoor Vinyl Signs


If you are the owner/worker for a small sign shop within the sign & print industry, you are already no doubt aware how popular vinyl signs can be as an option for customers seeking to add just that little bit more personality to their various outdoor marketing campaigns.

Of course, however, with the popularity of vinyl signs comes the inevitable elephant in the room. Or, elephant out of the room – more appropriately! Will such vinyl signs be able to last under various harsh weather conditions?

You and your small business may be producing vinyl for signage, vehicle wraps and graphics, or any other purpose – but whatever the reason, it’s essential to keep in mind just how much the elements may impact your work. Weather is fickle and harsh, so it is essential – when planning and producing such vinyl-related jobs – to know exactly what sort of vinyl the job’s particular application requires – especially when it comes to vinyl durability.

Not every sort of highly durable/long lasting material remains so in certain kinds of weather. Furthermore, are you and your small business (and even your vinyl jobs’ clients!) willing to compromise flexibility, cost, and any other sort of factors for outdoor durability?

In any case, this brief guide will no doubt aid you in your quest to educate yourself and your team, so you won’t have to compromise quality for additional protection from any sort of elements.

The Benefits of Vinyl Signs

Before getting into the nitty gritty of outdoor vinyl sign preservation – it is important to note the reason why certain customers could (and should) want to order and display such vinyl signage. First of all, vinyl signage is very affordable. In fact, vinyl is one of the most affordable material for signage on the market today. Secondly, vinyl signs are durable – even outside – which we will get to momentarily! Vinyl signage can also be highly customizable, fitting into your clients’ businesses or organizations branding, image, and marketing plans. Finally, vinyl signage can be installed quickly and easily – no hassle, no problem!

The Durability of Outdoor Vinyl Signage

As a result of all the above factors – vinyl signage is durable, affordable, and easy to install – many clients will request to have vinyl signage designed primarily for the great outdoors. Often, vinyl signage will even be rated for many years for such rough outdoor use!

One of the greatest factors involved in determining the durability of an outdoor vinyl sign, of course, depends upon the substrate upon which it is mounted. If such a mount is poorly prepared or treated, this will of course lead to peeling, chipping, or cracking. By contrast, if you or your small business properly installs such vinyl signage for the outdoors, it can typically last several years problems free!

Another obstacle to overcome when installing and maintaining outdoor vinyl signage involves fading. Fading occurs when sunlight damages the plastic within the sign, causing it to lose its color. Over time, faded signs can become illegible – which of course means they will need to be replaced entirely.

Failing Vinyl Signage: A Plan of Action

If such failures occur following the installation of outdoor vinyl signage, there is no reason to panic. There are a few tried and true solutions. Firstly, if the sign is still in relatively good condition, you can attempt to fix it yourself. (Or you can involve other workers within your sign & print industry small business, of course.) This DIY strategy involves replacing the damaged portions of the sign with brand new ones. If such simple repairs remain impossible – as would be the case I the sign is too damaged – you should perhaps call in vinyl-specific experts to repair and/or replace the affected vinyl signage.


To conclude this brief guide, we’ve included some quick tips to ensure your outdoor vinyl signage lasts as long as possible. Select the vinyl for the job wisely – each job will require a specific material of vinyl. While maintaining such signage, it is important to keep using the correct cleaning methods as illustrated above. If necessary, you should also store such signs carefully – while also preventing folding, both in storage and outdoors.

As you can clearly see, with proper care – vinyl signage can turn out to be a great investment for your business. However, if you find such outdoor vinyl signage starts to show signs of wear, or is otherwise not performing as well as it should, there are plenty of solutions to be found to ensure such outdoor vinyl signage remains durable and long-lasting.

We hope our brief guide convinced you of the outdoor durability of vinyl signs. Hopefully such information remains helpful to you and/or the other staff working for your small business within the sign & print industry. The implementation of such durable signage will serve you and your small business well in the long run. With the help and knowledge you’ve gained here, you will surely be well on your way to mastering all vinyl signage’s various complexities, developing a workable rapid workflow for your sign and print shop when it comes to the design and production of vinyl signs.

If you or someone within your small business seeks further guidance and advisement concerning the durability of outdoor vinyl signs – or, if you seek our further advice on other topics revolving around the sign and print industry – you’ve come to the right place. Adendo can provide you individualized training in a conducive environment.


Please do not hesitate to reach out! To book an adendo advisor, please visit us our website. We are committed to helping all sign & print professionals.

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