Calculating Ink Usage with Onyx RIP Software

For any small business operating within the sign & print industry, ink is obviously a resource vital to the production process. Without it, no work or projects can be completed. However, if you have too much – all sorts of problems can rear their ugly heads. This is why – specifically when it comes to calculating ink usage when utilizing Onyx RIP software – this can be a tricky task.

Luckily, we here at adendo have provided you with a brief guide below concerning such specific needs and questions. By the end of this little article, you and the other staff members at your sign & print industry shop will be well on your way to determining the correct amount of ink usage needed for any given project or task when operating Onyx RIP software. Simply follow the steps below – and you’ll become an expert in no time.

Opening & Signing in to Onyx RIP Software

Of course, the first step involved when it comes to calculating ink usage within Onyx RIP software is to open the actual Onyx RIP software program and sign into your sign & print shop’s account. While going about this initial step, please ensure you are operating the correct Onyx RIP software for the job – and have indeed signed into the correct account for the project requiring ink usage calculations.

Select the Correct Product for Ink Usage Calculations

Once you have completed the first step and have successfully opened and signed in to your company’s Onyx RIP software account – the next step will, of course, involve the selection of the correct product for ink usage calculations. Obviously, when working in a busy sign & print shop, the specificity of the project at hand will determine what sort of product is needed. Once you have properly chosen and solidified the sort of product you will be utilizing for the project at hand – you can then determine and calculate the correct ink usage required.

Secure Ink Usage/Cost Estimates Prior to Printing

Once you have determined the correct product necessary for the completion of the job at hand, this ink usage calculation process will require you to determine how much ink will be used for the project – and the associated cost estimates. Once you have determined these numbers – it is vital you do not begin the printing process prior to the completion of these ink usage calculations. If, however, you go ahead and print the project’s required product prior to ink usage calculations – you will, of course, not know the ink amount required and could run out. Possibly an even worse scenario than this will play out – where you do not even know the cost estimates associated with the ink amounts you will be using. In turn, this could lead to exorbitant costs ending up on your company’s doorstep. These sorts of disaster scenarios need to be avoided at all costs!

Printer Configuration Steps

Now that you and the other workers at your sign & print industry shop are well aware of the risks of over ink usage – you will need to calculate the specifics of the ink usage required for the current project’s product(s). In order to do so, you will need to have a look at the Printer Configuration controls within your company’s Onyx RIP software. To have a look at these and other innards, simply click down on the support menu. Once you are seeing the support menu’s dropdown bar, scroll down to ink type and dot patterns. This will allow you to determine and/or change the ink type you will use on the printer connected to your company’s Onyx RIP software. Additionally, you will be able to determine and/or change the dot patterns this printer will use. Any change in these two options will, of course, lead to changes you’ll be able to calculate and measure in both the project’s ink usage and cost estimate numbers. Any sort of customizability here is always incredibly helpful.

Adjusting Drop Values and Cost Per Unit

Following your adjustments of the ink type and dot patterns your shop’s printer will use – the next item you will wish to change are the drop values. If you are able to adjust/modify these drop values for this project’s product – again – you will be able to measure the notable difference in this project’s ink usage and cost estimate numbers. In fact, you will also be able to determine the exact cost per unit for each product associated with the overall project.

Queues Printed Job Log: Estimated Ink Channel/Total Ink Usage/Cost

The final step involved in this entire process requires you to go to your Onyx RIP software’s Queues Printed Job Log. Once there, you will be able to view the estimated ink channel usage. Not only this, but you will also be able to calculate/determine the total ink usage/cost. This will help to understand both the project’s overall ink usage – but also give you a fairly accurate cost estimate for the required task at hand.


Hopefully, this guide has helped you and the other staff at your sign & print shop determine exactly how to calculate ink usage when it comes to Onyx RIP software. However, if you have any further questions concerning Onyx RIP software ink usage calculations – or if you happen to be operating Onyx RIP software for your small business and have any questions unrelated to ink usage – or even Onyx software as a whole – please do not hesitate to reach out to adendo. We have sign & print industry software experts on hand to guide you through any of your industry-related questions. Adendo can certainly provide you with individualized training in a conducive environment. To book an adendo advisor, please visit our website.

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